Misc photos of students of KVASC, Bangalore

Photos from various events, outside school have been showcased here.


  1. usha menon says

    Ms. Ekanandan-A wonderful strict disciplinarian .She taught us science in classVII. Even now I can’t forget the thumb rule .She used to come to school in her moped . We had the 1st period with her .Many of the students used to dread her & even pray that she would be absent for the day.Could you pls send me her address ?

  2. Usha Menon says

    Where is lalitha now? her sister,T.N.Meera who is no more was very close to me .I had attended Lalitha’s marriage at Coimbatore.Where is Smt .Padma? How is her father?

  3. What an excellent teacher she was.. I used to wear Vibhuthi (sacred ash
    ) to school on my forehead. She was such a disciplinarian – but had a sharp tongue. I still remember her when I adorn Vibhuthi – as she had nick named me Bottu wala.. You remember wearing the Bottu but did not remember your homework! An excellent Maths and Physics teacher who influenced me a lot.. Suresh Jakarta Indonesia Class of 1981

  4. A Language which speak 30 millions ppeloe can not simply die because of its incompatibility with the technolgy. So what Pramode wrote A good way to keep a language alive is to take it to the digital world the world of the PC/Communication devices and the Internet is totaly right.Good work SMC and congratulatios for this support!!!


    ANY ONE WHO STUDIED CLASS 3 TO CLASS 7 BETWEEN 1966 -1970 ? there were three wings then……KG wing( lkg etc), primary wing (upto class 5th across the road and next to army petroleum depot) and senior wing. Ms Joan Lamb thought us english in class iv then…alas she passed away in 2015 ….as i have come to know on this site……excellent teacher and human being,,,,,RIP….miss you Miss.
    There were also other teachers…..if i remember correctly their names…..Ms Naseeba Bano/Begum….Dikshit Sir and one very strict and stern …no nonesense…maths teacher (Class VI)……we called her budhhi miss…..and dreaded her like anything…

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