KVASC students share their experience about the motivational talk by Ian Faria

The students of KV ASC share their experience about the motivational talk they had on January 3, 2015. This event was held in the school campus and was organised by the KVASC Bangalore Alumni Association. Read more about this event on Careerindia

14297_10152910437121826_8584564823953695091_n 8990_10152910436896826_5988897728346228675_n 10868143_10152910437126826_4096751297368696458_n 10906393_10152910437131826_5954009644438584053_nIt gives a great pleasure for the management committee of our alumni association to report the proceedings of the talk arranged by us for the students of 11th and 12th yesterday. It was held at Chopra Auditorium in the ASC campus.

India’s leading executive coach Ian Faria gave an electrifying talk & pumped up our students. We would like to thank Ian & his team for doing this at no cost for us.

The alumni association paid for the transport bus & snacks. About 150 kids attended.05-1420451625-kvasc 1623659_10152910406796826_115732158168398066_n 1959955_10152910406461826_6602183150756710545_n 10519203_10152910406046826_39331177319337747_n 10885417_10152910406621826_9087565141659922602_n 10888487_10152910404936826_6944168435522667226_n

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