How to Uninstall Windows 10s Built-in Apps and How to Reinstall Them

Users can now find images in their photo library, across the system, and on the web. They can even search for their photos by location, people, scenes, or objects, and Live Text lets them search by text inside images. To be even more productive, users can now take actions from Spotlight, like starting a timer, […]

How to take a screenshot on Windows PC or Laptop?

Fortunately, there are many ways to restart a computer using Windows. Read this download drivers article to find out which method is right for you. If you want to use the safest way to restart a PC, it is important to save your data and quit any open programs. Most applications will prompt you to […]

How to activate windows after the activation period expires Windows Forum Spiceworks

Although it’s very easy to change the username in Windows 11, some people find it difficult to reach the username setting option in the OS. Since Windows 11 is a new OS with significant changes download here in the user interface a simple guide with relevant screenshots is needed to explain that. On Windows 11, […]

Mouse keeps going off screen and off game Dual Monitors Player to Player Support

Windows 10 offers you different options to take a screenshot without using third party tools. Let’s discover them to get the full benefits from the modern Windows version. To move the cursor to select a rectangular snip area, pressShift + arrow keys. If you’re using a laptop, you may need to press Fn + PrtSc […]

What’s new and improved in Windows 11 22H2, coming soon

If you’re doing a reinstallation,click the I don’t have a product key option to continue . Go to the Media Creation Tool page and click the ‘Download tool now’ button. Run the file and accept the terms and conditions. In the next window, you are given the option to ‘Upgrade this PC now’ or ‘Create […]