How to Check Chipset Driver Version Windows 10? Answered 2022 Droidrant

I tried uninstalling all AMD programms installed, same problem. Started the installer via the command line but nothing happens. When I quickly hit Install in the selection screen the installer will also crash. Below is how to download Intel chipset drivers using this method. You need to restart your computer after installation. The chipset drivers […]

Chkdsk Command Tutorial

Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialogue. Type regedit and press Enter or click “OK” to open the Registry Editor. As I said before, there are many BSOD error codes that […]

Solved Geforce Game Ready Driver Installation Can’t Continue

There are many ways that Windows 10 can keep your Download drivers updated, and we’re about to show you how to update your drivers on Windows 10. Unless you downloaded a driver directly, “Search automatically for drivers” is the best option. Hopefully, this will deliver the driver option you’re looking for. I am Bhanu Pratap, […]

Windows 10 Edition

I often have a lot of quick notes in different windows, and I just force quit the app, when I need too. Next time I launch TextEdit, it reopens automatically the same windows, because of autosave… The Activity Monitor app offers a wealth of information about the current status of your Mac, its resources, and […]

How To Fix Missing Device Drivers On Windows 11

Not sure how to test the sound independently of everything else. But your issue sounds like one of your components has a loose connection, and when it loses it the PC freezes. Several stress tests for GPU, windows memory diagnostic. When the computer seems to be running slow, or the screen freezes frequently. To verify […]

How to Update Graphics Drivers in Windows 10, 8, and 7

You can schedule your road test 120 days in advance, and you will be able to check back to change your appointment if needed. In addition, you can check back regularly to see if an earlier appointment or one that is closer to your home is available due to cancellations.. Our theory test cancellation finder […]

Should I upgrade to Windows 11? What you need to know

This is perfect if there’s a very specific moment that might be difficult to otherwise capture. Available recording formats are .png, .html, .jpeg and .gif. Once you have chosen one of the above options, select the area of your screen that you want to capture. The screenshot should automatically open in a new window. Press […]

4 Easy Methods of How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10

Replacement windows are sold in a standard thickness to fit inside the 3-1/4-in. Pocket that exists between the outside and inside stops after the parting bead is removed. You will need paper tape or masking tape, pencil and measuring tape . After getting your shot, a notification will pop up letting you know it’s copied […]

2011 Unable to select a Printer

For this guide to laser printers, we’ve considered 157 different printers and tested 19 of them since 2011. And for this particular update, we put in about 25 hours of research and testing, looking at 15 models and ultimately testing three. HP filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court in Santa Clara, claiming that Oracle […]

Download Toshiba USB Driver with installation guide

Its possible to install every driver needed from INF file that I select, even from flash disks. First, the INF file is copied into windows folder, then OS installs the driver. “To prevent tampering of hardware drivers, Windows only allows the installation of drivers located in the DriverStore.” For this feature to work, it must […]