Notice of Elections To The Management Committee of KVASC Blr Alumni Association

Dear Alumni Association Members,

Please be informed that the Elections to the Management Committee of our Association will be held on Saturday 09th September 2017. All relevant details are given below:

a. Names (nomenclature) and number of posts/positions to be elected

Election of the Management Committee: (Total 10)

  • President                                 One Post
  • Vice President                         One Post
  • General Secretary                    One Post
  • Assistant Secretary                  One Post
  • Treasurer                                 One Post
  • Assistant Treasurer                 One Post
  • Committee Members               Four Members

b. Last date for filing nomination with the Presiding Officer (at least 30 days before the date of the proposed date of the AGB meeting)

08th August 2017 – Tuesday

c. Date of scrutiny of nominations received and announcement of valid nominations ( at least 2 days and maximum of 3 days after the date indicated at ‘b’ above)

11th August 2017 – Friday

d. Last date for withdrawal of valid nominations (at least 2 days and maximum of 3 days after the date indicated at ‘c’ above

14th August 2017- Monday

e. Date of announcement of final list of candidates (1 day after the date indicated at ‘d’ above)

15th August 2017 – Tuesday

f. Venue, Date, and timing of voting, if required. For the sake of convenience, the process of voting, if required, shall commence at least one hour before the commencement of the AGB Meeting and shall be co-terminus with the commencement of the AGB Meeting)

Venue              KVASC , No. 1, Victoria Road, Bengaluru
Date                 09th September 2017 – Saturday
Timing             10 am

g. Venue, date and time of announcement of results.

Venue              KVASC , No. 1, Victoria Road, Bengaluru
Date                 09th September 2017 – Saturday
Timing             11 am

h. The election shall be held through secret ballot by a reliable physical Voting process.

i. The candidates contesting for the various posts/positions in the MC may, if they so desire, duly appoint and depute one Member each as his/her representative during the process of voting and counting of ballot papers.

j. All other rules as per our Bye Laws.

k. Communication address of the Presiding Officer

  • By e mail             /
  • Phone                          98440-23833 / 96639-41727

Presiding Office

Notice for 3rd AGBM of KVASC BLR Alumni Association

Dear Members,

 Please find attached a notice for the 3rd Annual General Body Meeting of our Alumni Association.

AGM will be held at our school on August 27, 2016 (Saturday) at 11:00 AM.

We look forward to your attendance.


Hon General Secretary

A thank you card from our students for renovating the restrooms

Today the students of our school sent us a wonderful thank you card. We thank all the donors and volunteers for helping in the renovation of the toilets.

Thank you card from our students

Thank you card from our students

Also see,

Completion of Renovation of Student’s Rest Rooms – A Report

Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there.

On May 5, 2016 we talked about our intention to renovate 2 toilets in your school. Taking up civil projects, especially that involves plumbing is always a challenge, we estimate the work to the best of our capability but when we aim for perfection the estimate does go a bit wrong. We have no regrets, we had to spend a little more but we wanted to give our boys and girls the best.

We would like to thank the donors without whom we could not have started the project. The total cost of renovating 2 bathrooms was Rs 950,000 ($13,750).

We request the members of our Facebook page to get involved more actively with us to make a difference to the school. Yes, the government has to do a lot more but let we alumni do what we can as we can bring a change a lot faster than waiting for the government to get involved.

Our Honorary President Ms Meenal Cavale, an architect by profession,  led the implementation of our first ever civil project. The photos here will itself speak for her work. Thank you Meenal for everything.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Principal Mr. Pramod who has been very supportive of your Alumni association.

The school reopens on June 22, 2016. Would love to see the reaction of our students.

Just before starting the project of renovation of toilets

Just before starting the project of renovation of toilets

The process of breaking down the existing toilet has begun

The process of breaking down the existing toilet has begun

Renovation work just a week before completion

Renovation work just a week before completion

Looks swanky on June 18, 2016

Looks swanky on June 18, 2016

During the finishing stages of the toilet renovation we decided to add an external covering to the entrances of the 2 toilets to give some privacy.

Entrance of girl's toilet

Entrance of girl’s toilet

Entrance of boy's toilet

Entrance of boy’s toilet

We added a new cupboard, replaced sinks & urinals to give a complete new look to the toilets.

Cupboard in girls toilet

Cupboard in girls toilet

Replaced sinks in toilet

Replaced sinks in toilet

Urinals in Boy's toilet

Urinals in Boy’s toilet

Boy's shower

Boy’s shower

We do hope the students will take adequate care of the toilets for a long time.

Renovation of Student’s Rest Rooms (Toilets)

Attached are the details of the first major project your association is taking up in May 2016.

To improve the hygiene & sanitation standards of the existing rest rooms the association had approached the school authorities. We have received a written approval to improve the toilets and have already received very good response from our members.

We are short of a little money, we would appreciate your active participation.

We plan to take up the renovation of teacher’s toilets and all other toilets during the year, we can do that only with your active participation. We look forward to your donations, the bank details are on our Membership page.

This very same blog post will be updated as the work progresses.

Annual Sports Day on December 17, 2015

Invitation from Principal for the Annual Sports Day.

sports day invitation 2015

Tribute to (late) Shri. V.V.Srikanthaiah – the first Principal of our school


He is no more with us, but will always remain in our hearts

The Alumni Association of Kendriya Vidylaya, ASC Centre (South) Bangalore regrets to inform all its members that Shri. V.V. Srikanthaiah, the First Principal of the School is no more with us.

He passed away at his residence in Rajajinagar, Bangalore on Sunday, 20th September, 2015 at the age of 86, leaving behind his wife, Smt. Ahalya, who was also a PGT in the School, and a daughter and a son, both of whom are married and well settled.

After completing B.A and B.Ed from Mysore University, he had his M.A (English) from Benaras Hindu University and subsequently achieved his ‘Diploma in Language Teaching’ from Birmingham, UK, on Commonwealth Scholarship.

Shri. Srikanthaiah started his career as Senior Teacher in Gandhinagar Higher Secondary School, Bangalore from 1954 to 1961. During this period he worked closely with Shri. M.P.L. Shastri, an eminent Educationist, and was very popular amongst the students, Co Faculty, non-teaching staff and the Management.

He joined ASC Regimental Children’s School, Bangalore, in 1961 as its Head Master. When this Regimental School got converted into Central School [now known as Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV)], he was selected and appointed as the school’s first Principal, in June, 1963, at a young age of 34. He guided the school in its academic and co-curricular activities up to July 1967. Incidentally, Central School, ASC Centre(S), Bangalore, was the first Central School in Karnataka and one of the first 5, all over India.

Even at that time, dating back by more than half a century, starting of Science club, Literary Club, participation by students in Science exhibitions, inter-schools debate and speaking contests, are testimony to his vision, innovative ideas, enthusiasm, interest and zeal to ensure that every department of the school improved.

He introduced the “David Horsebourogh” style of Italic Writing in the school.

With a view to inculcating the habit of writing and developing editing skills among children, he had, while in KV, ASC ,Bangalore, introduced a fortnightly Manuscript Magazine named GIRIMALLIKA , a collection of articles, short stories, poems, essays and drawings and paintings, contributed by the school children and edited and published by a Student Editorial Board.

Sound mind in a sound body – he encouraged sports and games for both boys and girls. When our school entered the BT Ramaiah Shield Inter Schools Cricket tournament, he took pains and arranged for cricket boots from a Sports Shop, for the 15 members of the team, on instalment basis (Rs.10 /month, for 10 months).

After his transfer from our school, he served as Principal of a number of other KVs across the length and breadth of the country.

From 1974 to 1978 he was posted as the Principal of KV Kathmandu, Nepal. This was a diplomatic posting. During this tenure, he started the new School campus and developed the school to be one of the best schools in Kathmandu.

Shri. Srikanthaiah was not only an innovative Academician but also an able Administrator. His efficiency and effectiveness as Principal, at various KVs was duly recognised and he was promoted as an Assistant Commissioner in the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS). In due course, he was elevated as Deputy Commissioner (Training).

He introduced many a training program for teachers and students alike, developed a “Minimum programme for Kendriya Vidyalayas” to effectively administer the schools and arranged training programmes at various levels including those for the Principals. Just before his retirement from KVS, he conducted a 40 day training program for the newly selected Principals, focussing on teaching and school administration and covering many other related areas. He was instrumental in implementing the concept of TQM (Total Quality Management) in KVs.

As an administrator he had a number of achievements in the Academic and Literary fields too.

  • he extended the “David Horsebourogh” style of Italic Writing to all KVs,
  • introduced methods and provided means to make English teaching effective, especially for Primary school pupils by developing listening, speaking, reading and then writing skills.
  • ensured the setting up of various clubs such as dramatics, literary, cultural, and Science clubs, in every KV.
  • was primarily responsible for developing various subject curricula (especially English, SUPW, and Social Studies).

At the end of an illustrious career he retired from KV Sangathan as Deputy Commissioner, on 31st May 1988.

Even after his retirement he remained young, energetic and active. He was the Principal of New Horizon School, Indiranagar, Bengaluru and Widia Poornapragna School, Nagasandra, Bangalore for brief periods. Continuing his quest for improvement and innovation and with a view to sharing his knowledge and experience in the academic and administrative areas of Education, he took up a number of projects, post retirement. These included the setting up of 2 Public Schools –viz. TVS Public School, Tumkur (near Bangalore) and Seshadripuram Public School, Yelahanka, Bangalore. He was very active in the field of education till his 80th year.

A very strict disciplinarian and a teacher, par excellence, he always had the welfare of his students upper most in his mind.

The very first batch of students of Central Schools, who passed out XI std in 1966 (there was no XII std then) had difficulty in getting admission to Degree classes in the colleges since XI std of CBSE, New Delhi was not recognised by them. I was one such student. When I and other classmates of mine brought this difficulty to the notice of Shri. Shrikanthaiah, he swung into action with lightning speed, took up the matter at the highest level in the Ministry of Education, Government of India and saw to it that we all were admitted to the Degree courses of our choice without much delay. That was his dedication and commitment to the cause of education and level of interest in the welfare of his students.

During his entire service, whether in KVs or other schools, he was very popular with students and staff alike. He was always proactive and wanted to try out new ideas with a ‘childlike’ enthusiasm.

A man so noble, a man who has left his deep imprint on each and every student of his, a man who worked incessantly for the improvement of education system, is no more with us, today. But he will ever remain in our hearts, guiding us from his abode up in the Heaven.

We express our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and pray God, Almighty, to give solace and peace to the departed soul.

Contributed by: B. Raghavendran, Ex Student, KV, ASC Centre (S), Bangalore – First batch of XI std (1966)

Photography talk on 4th July by Venkatesh Katta

On the 4th of July 2015 Mr. Venkatesh Katta a Bangalore-based photographer who is also the Co-founder and director of Toehold Travel & Photography addressed the students of 11th & 12th and gave an overview of careers in photography.
Mr. Katta covered the following topics during an hour long visual presentation.

• An overview about photography
• Becoming a photographer
• Various genres of photography
• Job opportunities in each of the genres
• Career Roadmap
• Qualifications
• Challenges
• Colleges and Institutions that teach photography

Mr. Katta believes photography is not only a medium of visual communication, but also a social catalyst that enables him to experience diverse cultures. He enjoys several genres of photography with equal élan,but wide-angle and panoramic landscapes top his list of loves.

We from the Managing committee of the Alumni association extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr Venkatesh Katta for giving the students a meaningful insight into this profession

Speaker Venkatesh Katta planting a sapling

Speaker Venkatesh Katta planting a sapling

Speaker Venkatesh Katta being introduced. Principal and our alumni association President Ms Meenal Cavale too can be seen

Speaker Venkatesh Katta being introduced. Principal and our alumni association President Ms Meenal Cavale too can be seen

Venkatesh Katta of  giving his talk on photography as a career

Venkatesh Katta of giving his talk on photography as a career

Mrs Joan Lamb – former English teacher – Primary Section passed away on the 28th of September 2015.

Thank you Ma'am.

Thank you Ma’am.


Former Principal Sri Srikantaiah passed away in September 2015. May his soul Rest in Peace.